The differences between disability and handicap do not come from the choice of acceptable language; they depend upon the gifts of understanding, acceptance and responsibility. Whatever disability or difficulty I face, can never become a true handicap if I acknowledge two fundamental truths: First, I must understand the limitations imposed upon me by my disabling condition. Then, I must accept my responsibility to overcome them.

Mike Tawse

Welcome To Flopside

New Years Day 2010 I was inspired by my Yahweh (God) to make a hip website to inspire and educate people.  Granted, I had no clue how to make a website, but I was determined to do so.  After weeks of struggling to figure out how to create a site, Yahweh sent me an angel named Mike Tawse, who taught me everything I needed to know about  web design.

The Flopside includes:

1. Current Issues- I believe that we are being “dumbed down” by the coorperate owned media, who are experts at twisting news to make it fit their agenda. I love to unravel the stories and find the truth burried beneath.

2. Well Being-  For me, natural heath is the key to living well.  My life has improved tremendously since I started eating well, exercising and using natural means of staying well.  I hope to share some of this knowledge in hopes of helping improve your life.

3. The Furry Side- A great passion of mine is “critters”.  I love studying dog breeds, behavior and training techniques. I also live on a farm with many different critters, so I always have plenty of stories from The Furry Side.

4. Entertainment- I’m an avid reader and I love to share my thoughts on books.  I also try to keep up with movies.

5. Quotes- My current passion is quotes.  I  love that I can learn so much from one phrase and how it can evoke an idea or an emotion.
So, I hope you enjoy your journey into The Flopside.  I welcome your thoughts and comments.


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